N. Collier, Photographer

We also collect cameras and photographic collectibles.  The figurine entitled 'Photo Play' is by Erich Stauffer, a former Hummel painter.

We have years of experience doing product photography for the internet and for print. We also sometimes do portraiture, weddings and architectural photography with the understanding that we do it OUR WAY. We mostly shoot digital but have cameras in more formats than there are available films, including panoramic.  In our work with museums, we have become quite accomplished at photo restoration.

We have an extensive stock photo collection of antiques available!

Our photos have been featured in:  Maine Antiques Digest, Cotton and Quail, Antique Week, The Tri-City Ledger, Orange County Home, Antiques and the Arts Weekly, Art and Antiques Magazine, A Pictorial History, A Sawmill Scrapbook (3 Volumes), Antique Trader, The Brewton Standard, numerous catalogs, brochures and websites.

This page is still under construction. Watch for a gallery of examples in the future.

This is a Kodak, but we usually use a Canon D60 or 20D.

We usually use a Canon 20D, D60, or D30, but have many film formats available.

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